Meet head coach Prof. Phil Carson


Prof. Carson BA(Hons), MBA, BAF, has been involved in fencing for over 30 years and has been coaching since 1986.  He is a full three weapon diploma master with the British Academy of Fencing (BAF) and as well as our principal coach, is also currently head coach at St. Andrews University and Director of Fencing at Strathallan School.  He has worked mainly with junior fencers and has guided many of them on to Scotland and Great Britain youth fencing teams.

Phil honed his coaching skills via the BAF and travelling extensively to study some of the best coaches in Russia, Hungary and the USA.  As a result, his club in London became one of the strongest sabre fencing clubs in the UK.  And since 2006 he has continuously coached fencers on to the GB junior and cadet World and European Championships teams.

As a result of his successes, in 2012 he decided to become a full time coach.  After a short time in Sydney helping to set up the coaching and performance programmes in what is now the largest fencing club in Australia, he headed to Scotland to start a grassroots sabre fencing programme in Perthshire.

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