Scottish Youth Championships, 2014

The Scottish Youth Championships are the highlight of the year for many fencers in Scotland and neatly placed in the calendar just after exams.  So there is a great feeling of bringing together everything we have learned and achieved at school both academically and in sport.  It is also the first year that Salle Ossian has been in existence and so the benchmark would be set at these championships for years to come.  This year’s championships were held at St Thomas Acquins School in Edinburgh and attended by the best fencers from around Scotland and by Scottish fencers from further afield.  Salle Ossian fencers took four golds, three silvers and two bronze medals.  Well done to all the fencers for all their hard work, culminating in great performances this weekend.  Well done to all the fencers who did their very best on the day to make for a hugely enjoyable event and especially to Salle Ossian’s new Scottish Champions!

Elsie Lllewelyn           Scottish Champion          Girls Under 12
Rory McLellan            Scottish Champion          Boys Under 12
Jess Corby                 Scottish Champion          Girls Under 17
SJ Hampson               Scottish Champion         Girls Under 20

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