G2014 Legacy

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are upon us and we wish all the athletes, officials and volunteers all the best.  Fencing is a Commonwealth sport, but not part of the main games at the moment.  This year’s Commonwealth Fencing Championships though are being held in Largs in November and it looks like one of our club members, Kate Daykin is in prime position to make selection in the next month or two.

Salle Ossian is also to benefit from some of the legacy initiatives going on behind the scenes.  As many of you will be aware, we are currently seeking planning permission to be able to take on premises in Perth.  This will be the first dedicated full time fencing training facility in Scotland and one that fencers across Scotland can benefit from.  After the G2014 games the clear-up begins and Salle Ossian has been able to secure fixtures and fittings from the Games that will fit out the new training salle.  This means a lot to Salle Ossian because the bill for fitting out the training facility will now be a fraction of what we thought it was going to cost.  And as we are a not-for-profit family and community club, this means that the club funds can be directed towards more access courses, more participation in fencing and more development work with our talented athletes.

Head coach Prof. Phil Carson says “We feel very privileged to have been able to take advantage of this legacy programme and it will make a big difference to a lot of youngsters in our sport”.

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