Salle Ossian to become a Charity

Following our committee meeting on 6th July 2014, Salle Ossian has decided to become a charity.  Salle Ossian was set up originally to increase participation in the olympic sport of fencing and to reduce the barriers that exist for people to progress in the sport, such as access to venues, equipment and coaching.  Salle Ossian also provides all the kit our youngsters need to compete at national events.  In just under a year we have taken kids from all over Perthshire and Central Scotland and made it possible for them compete regularly at national competitions.  And for our top players, those aspiring to competing internationally, we provide coaching grants to allow them to reach their potential.

Becoming a charity will mean that Salle Ossian can further extend the public benefit it provides by raising more money for our athletes, but also to secure full time training premises in Perth to act as regional centre of excellence for the sport.  We’ll keep you posted, but hope to have the first full time fencing training facility in Scotland up and running by the end of the year.

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