Charitable Status

Salle Ossian is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  The fencing club operates solely to advance participation in the sport in and around Perthshire.  We aim to do this by providing venues, equipment, administration and coaching to reduce the potential barriers to access to the sport.  As a charity we are managed by a board of trustees and have obligations in terms of meeting the standards of and reporting to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

In particular, we are

  • currently working hard to secure Scotland’s first permanent fencing training facility in Perth
  • developing the idea of operating as a de facto centre of excellence for the region
  • offering grant awards for both coaches and fencers to develop their abilities
  • looking to make further expansions into schools and communities around Perthshire to widen access to the sport

As a charity we have a membership scheme, but we are also open to all.  We already work hand-in-glove with a number of other clubs and are delighted to provide additional training opportunities to individuals and clubs from around Scotland and further afield.

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