Month: November 2014

Salle Ossian Awards




Salle Ossian is a charity dedicated to providing equipment, coaching and facilities to promote the the olympic sport of fencing.  It operates primarily in Perthshire Scotland.

Salle Ossian aims to assist fencers in achieving their potential.  We firmly believe that “nothing works, like hard work works!” and we want to do what we can for those who are striving towards higher levels of sporting excellence, to represent Scotland and Great Britain nationally and internationally.  We do not make cash awards, but instead offer priority access to the quantity and quality of training that an athlete needs to prepare for top level competition.  You don’t have to be member of Salle Ossian Fencing Club to apply, but you will be expected to be able to contribute to the charitable aims and objectives of the organisation.

The Awards

We offer three levels of award: Senior Athlete Award: Junior Athlete Award and Young Award.  In each case we tailor a training programme to support the aims of the individual athlete.

Senior Athlete Award

This award is aimed at athletes who are training full time.  We offer access to our training facility 7 days a week and up to 5 hours of individual tuition.  Fencers will receive support at major national and international events.

Junior Athlete Award

The Junior Athlete Award is for fencers in full time education but who are training four or five times a week and competing regularly in the UK.  They will receive a comprehensive support package to assist them towards selection to Scotland and GB youth teams.  This includes up to 3 hours of individual tuition each week and up to 6 weeks of training camps each year.

Young Athlete Award

Our youngest fencers (under 14) may apply for an enhanced training package to include support at Scottish events and up to 2 hours individual tuition each week and 4 weeks of holiday training camps each year.

The Application Process

Written applications of no more than two sides of A4 should be submitted by Friday 19th December 2014.  Applications will be considered by the Board of Trustees who will expect the individual to be able to demonstrate their aspirations, a commitment to competing at the highest levels of the sport and to outline how they intend to participate in, and contribute to, the charitable aims and objectives of Salle Ossian.  Individuals who are not members of Salle Ossian may be required to undertake fitness and fencing testing.

Applications and any requests for further information can be emailed to