Full House at Scottish Youth Championships

Congratulations to our new national youth champions.  Salle Ossian fencers won all of the 6 national sabre champion titles at this years Scottish Youth Championships held at Dunfermline High School.


Rory Mclellan (far left) won the boys u13 sabre in a tight and nervy competition eventually winning over club mate Sam Freeman, also pictured.  Elsie Llewellyn is the girls u13 sabre champion dominating the competition throughout the day.


Day two of the championships started well with Jess Corby becoming the u17 girls champion and later taking silver to her team-mate Kate Daykin who is the Scottish u20 sabre Champion.  In the boys events Sam McLellan took both the u17 and u20 titles.  Ethan Llewellyn was 2nd in the u17 event and 3rd in the u20, whilst Toby Carter was 3rd in the u17 event and 2nd in the u20s.  Mark Alvarez was 3rd in the u17s but had to retire owing to a muscle strain.  We wish him speedy recovery.

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