Scottish Youth Championships

Salle Ossian had an outstanding weekend at the Scottish Youth Championships, held in Edinburgh on the 11th and 12th June 2016.  Our fencers dominated the sabre events and we now hold all 8 national youth titles.  The stand out performances were from Elsie Llewellyn and Mark Alvarez.  Elsie, still only 14 years old, took both the U15 and U17 titles and a bronze in the U20 events.  Mark is the U15 and U20 champion, taking a bronze in the U17 event.

Scottish U20 Champion              Sarah-Jane Hampson

Scottish U20 Champion              Mark Alvares

Scottish U17 Champion               Elsie Llewellyn

Scottish U17 Champion               Ethan Llewellyn

Scottish U15 Champion               Elsie Llewellyn

Scottish U15 Champion               Mark Alvares

Scottish U13 Champion                Honor Paul

Scottish U13 Champion                Rory McLellan

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