How to Improve

So you want to take your fencing to the next level?

Improving at any sport is about purposeful practice and time on task and fencing is no different. If you are training less than five days a week, do more fencing! Practice more, but just as important, practice well.

Fencing skill is only one aspect though and once you know how to fence, your fencing fitness and mindset become more important.

There is a necessary process to go through – you learn to fence; then you learn to compete and then you learn to win! That process can be frustrating, but worth the investment at each stage.

If you are fencing and competing regularly, you will want to increase your physical and mental capacity to deal with higher levels of competition. You can add in one or more of our specialist 30 minute focus classes

Mon 6pm Fencing Mindfulness

Tues 6pm FencingFit

Wed 6pm Gamesense

Thur 6pm FencingFit

At Salle Ossian, we believe that nothing works like hard work works. And the harder you work, the more we will work for you.

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