Cadet and Junior Commonwealth Championships

Brilliant performances and a big setting made the 2018 Youth Commonwealth’s a championship that will be remembered for a long time to come. A very young crew from Salle Ossian made up the majority of the Scotland u17 and u20 sabre teams and they did their club and country proud.

In the individual events it was Rory McLellan who was not only the youngest member of the team, but the stand out performance making the quarter finals and narrowly missing out on a medal. He then went on to take silver medal in the team event along with his club mates Mark Alvares, Sam Freeman and Ewan Robertson.

Ewan, also fenced in the u20 team and joined by Toby Carter. Toby fenced amazingly in the team quarter finals taking the score from 22/35 to 39/40, giving Scotland the platform it needed to win 45/42 and secure a semi-final place. They then went on to surprise everyone by winning the bronze medal by beating Canada, with some of the best fencing we’e seen from Ewan Robertson. The full match can be seen here.

Scotland v Canada

In the ladies events, Charlotte Wilson-Smith showed great promise with some solid performances against much more experienced fencers. She comes home with a silver medal from the under 17 team event and a bronze medal from the under 20 team event. Not bad for a 14 year old!

Junior Commonwealth Championships

Salle Ossian fencers have been selected to represent Scotland at the 2018 Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships. Eight days of individual and team events will take place in Newcastle against teams from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Nigeria the Home Nations and the rest of the Commonwealth.

Many congratulations to Rory McLellan, Mark Alvares, Ewan Robertson, Sam Freeman, Toby Carter and Charlotte Wilson-Smith.

Junior Commonwealth Championships

Many congratulations to Salle Ossian Fencer selected to represent Scotland at the cadet and junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships to be held in Newcastle in July.

Cadet Mens Sabre 

Mark Alvares-Peres
Sam Freeman
Rory McLellan
Ewan Robertson

Junior Mens Sabre 

Toby Carter
Ewan Robertson

Cadet Mens Sabre 

Mark Alvares-Peres
Sam Freeman
Rory McLellan
Ewan Robertson

Cadet Womens Sabre 

Charlotte Wilson-Smith

New Scottish Champions

The Scottish Youth Championships were held in Edinburgh on the weekend of 16th/17th June 2018.  The best of the best from around Scotland attended to compete in age group competitions at under 20, under 17, under 15 and under 13.

Mark Alvarez won the under 20 and under 17 to take both championship titles.  He beat team mate Sam Mclellan in the under 20 final and team mate Sam Freeman in the under 17 event.   Ewan Robertson and Toby Carter took the bronze medals.

Rory McLellan retains his Scottish under 15 Champion title as he continues to dominate in Scotland, GB and Europe at this age-group.  Team mate Hendrix Knight took the silver medal.

In the ladies events Charlotte Wilson-Smith continued to show good improvement by winning the under 15 category and taking bronze in both the under 17 and under 20, narrowly losing to the British no.1 14/15 in the semi-final.  Aiobbean Dorward and Caitlin Quinn won silver and bronze making it another strong category for Salle Ossian.

Eve Symons is the new Scottish under 13 Champion.  Eve is just 11 yrs old and has been attending Salle Ossian after school classes regularly for the past year.  Her improvement has been fantastic with a good performance at this year’s British Youth Championships in Sheffield.  In the boys u13 event, Josh Bryden and Miller Hetherington won the silver and bronze medals.  These boys are looking good for a future Scotland team place.

Well done to all our competitors – a great experience, much to learn and much to love about our great sport!

2017 Review

The third year of Salle Ossian was one of consolidation and achievement, including recognition as sports club of the year at the Perth and Kinross Sports Awards, club of the year and young official of the year by British Fencing.  Our ladies sabre team are now competing regularly on the international circuit and Mark Alvares was the first Scotland-based male sabreur to be placed high enough to be selected to represent GB at the European Cadet Championships.  Yet another highlight was when the club fencers interrupted the AGM to show their appreciation by applauding the trustees, parents and supporters of the club without whom we could not operate at such a level.  Thanks to everyone for making Salle Ossian a great place to learn this amazing sport.


Selection, Jess Corby, GB Team, New York

Leon Paul Senior Open, bronze


Selection, Paul Vaughan, Scotland Veterans team

Selection, Scotland U15, U13 and U11 team – Hendrix Knight, Lucia Paul,
Honor Paul, Rory McLellan, Charlotte Wilson-Smith

Merseyside Open, bronze

Meylan U23, Kate Daykin, L8

British Sabre, U17, Newcastle, Mark Alvares, gold

Stirling Sword, gold, silver, bronze

British Senior Champions


Selection, GB Team, Athens, Jess Corby, Kate Daykin, SJ Hampson

Aberdeen Open, Men’s Champion

Aberdeen Open, Women’s Champion

FIE Satellite, Finland, Silver

Jess Corby receives the Crosnier Quaich by Scottish Fencing

Edinburgh Open, gold, silver, bronze


Trofeu Sant Jordi, Barcelona, gold

Valerie Degorce, u14 international, bronze

Youth Development Series, girls u15 champion

Youth Development Series, boys u15 champion

Youth Development Series, girls u11 champion

British Senior Championships, bronze

Birmingham International, bronze

Glagow Open Champion


FIE Satellite, Reykjavik, 2nd, 3rd


Leon Paul Junior Series, Scotland, gold, silver, bronze

Scottish U20 Champion

Scottish Youth Championships, U17, gold, silver, bronze

Scottish U13 Boys Champion

Scottish U13 Girls Champion

Scottish Secondary Schools Team Champions


British U20 Championships, Mark Alvares, Jess Corby, L8

Salle Ossian is British Fencing Club of the Year

Sam McLellan, British Fencing Young Referee of the Year


Highland Open MS and WS Champions

UK School Games, individual bronze, team Silver


Selection, GB Cadet Team, Mark Alvares, Sam Freeman

Selection, GB Senior International Team, Jess Corby, Kate Daykin, SJ Hampson

Selection, GB U20 Team, Jess Corby

FIE Satellite, Ghent, Jess Corby, L8

Saints Open Champion

Hamlet Open Team Champion

Hamlet Open, Silver

Manchester Open, Gold, Silver and Bronze


Selection, Scottish Senior Team, Toby Carter, Anthony Shek, SJ Hampson, Kate Daykin, Lucy Higham

Selection, GB  Senior International Team, Jess Corby, Kate Daykin, SJ Hampson

Senior 5 Nations, WS Gold

Secondary Schools U16 Boys Champion

Secondary Schools U16 Girls Champion

Secondary Schools U14 Boys Champion

Youth Development Series, U13 Girls gold

Youth Development Series, U11 Girls gold

Youth Development Series, U13 Boys gold

Youth Development Series, U15 Boys, gold

Youth Development Series, U15 Girls gold

Youth Development Series, U11 Boys gold

Welsh Open Champion

M8 Open Team Champions

Leon Paul Open Champion


Selection GB U20 Team, Toby Carter, Jess Corby

Selection GB U17 Team, Mark Alvarez, Ewan Robertson

Scottish Fencing qualifier, Girls U13 gold

Scottish Fencing qualifier, Boys U13 silver

Scottish Fencing qualifier, Girls U15 gold

Scottish Fencing qualifier, Boys U15 gold

British Fencing Club of the Year


British Fencing Club of the Year 

– Salle Ossian Fencing Club –


Salle Ossian Fencing Club is very proud to have been recognised as Best Fencing Club of the Year by our national governing body, British Fencing.


Established in 2015, Salle Ossian Fencing Club is a Perth based fencing club founded with the principle aim of promoting and providing facilities to support the sport of fencing throughout Scotland. A family focussed, community based club, Salle Ossian has had a very successful year both in terms of increasing participation throughout the local area and also in terms of on-piste competitive success.

Guiding Principles

One of the fundamental goals of the club is to provide access and opportunity for new fencers to learn how to fence, together with a pathway which will allow fencers to grow and improve their level of performance. With this goal in mind, we undertake partnership programs with Perth and Kinross Sports Development, Active Schools, Live Active and St Andrews University to promote the sport in schools and universities across Scotland. We operate on a hub and spoke model, with regular classes running in a number of schools and any interested fencers being encouraged to come along to the Salle, which is open for training four nights a week during term time. We also run training camps and taster sessions in all of the school holidays to further provide opportunity for development and improvement of fencing skills.

Another keystone of the club strategy is the Salle Ossian Awards Scheme. This charitable scheme is designed to reduce any barriers to and to increase opportunity for fencers who hope to excel in their sport. In return for a commitment from the fencer to a high volume of training and a contribution towards the charitable aims of the club, the awardee is given priority access to lessons, coaching support at competitions, access to strength and conditioning resources and financial support towards the cost of travel for competitions. This last point in particular is a key enabler – allowing fencers to progress and compete in situations where it may have otherwise been financially onerous for them.

We have an active program of coach development. Our club has taken the lead in coach education in Scotland and is now the de-facto centre of excellence for coach development in Scotland. We provide a pathway for talented young fencers to train full-time by providing employment as coaches in our schools programme. We also support coach development through a school day release / apprenticeship scheme – providing work experience and coaching qualifications for young fencers. The effort that we put into coach development feeds back in a virtuous cycle – we have more coaches to allow us to expand our schools program which drives expansion of the club itself.

Competitive Successes 

The linear nature of the scheme and programs we have set up are all about producing top quality competitive fencers. The pathway we have established leads from talent identification in the schools, transitions through development classes in the club and leads to the opportunity to excel with the help of the awards scheme. The success of this strategy is evident in the competitive results from club fencers, highlights of which include –

•Currently Scottish, British and Commonwealth Champions

•British U23 Individual Champion

•British Senior Team Champions

•Multiple Senior World Cup participants

•Salle Ossian fencers took two of the top three places in a recent FIE senior satellite event.

•Three of the top five UK senior women fencers are Salle Ossian members

•Two British Youth Champions in 2016

•Club fencers have won Gold, Silver and Bronze at numerous open events throughout the UK, at the Scottish Youth Development Series, the Scottish School Championship and the Scottish Age Group Championship

Club Milestones

Season 2016/17 has been a fantastic season for Salle Ossian, both in terms of the charitable aims of the club and in terms of the competitive results. Some of the milestones we have reached this year include –

•Providing opportunity for more that 500 children to try fencing for the first time, with the support and encouragement of our experienced coaching team.

•A massive five fold increase in participation in our school classes. We now have over 150 children fencing in the seven schools which are participating in our programme.

•Our membership numbers have doubled this year as a result of and a testament to the success of our hub and spoke model.

•This huge increase in participation is now necessitating the need to expand the dedicated fencing facility which was only opened in 2015. We’re literally bursting at the seams.

•An increase in our coaching capacity to three full-time coaches supported by a number of the other senior members / awardees who are making great progress along the coaching pathway

•Local recognition of the work that the club is doing in terms of increased coverage in the local media

•Winning the Perth & Kinross Sports Club of the Year for the second time in three years. Again, a fantastic validation of the club ethos.

•The Salle Ossian Awards scheme has been so successful that it is now running at  capacity, providing high performance coaching, support and opportunity to 12 promising young fencers.

For all the reasons above, Salle Ossian Fencing Club  was nominated for and was awarded British Fencing Club of the Year.